My Dearest, NicoletteMature

Nicolette is one of those girls who can always keep a secret. You can trust her with anything, and everything. She is the one I go to when i need advice. Though she is two and a half years younger then I am, I still depend on her to always be there for me.

You might think I am a horrible sort of person, depending on a twelve-year-old, but the truth is, I have no one else to talk to that doesn't judge me for my mistakes. She never judges anyone, no matter what. She may have her likes and dislikes about people, but she doesn't let them show. Such a desire for peace on the Earth, it's a beautiful sight to see.

"My dearset, Nicolette, I need your help with something," I say to my younger sister.

"What is it, Maeci?" she says back to me.

"My mother and our older sister, Kirsten, won't stop teasing me about something I never intended on doing," I said to her. Nicolette and I only shared the same father, not mother. Our older sister, Kirsten, and I had the same mother.

"And what is that, deary?" she said with much confusion.

"I kissed Kevin."

"What is so wrong with that?"

"I just found out Kevin is our fourth cousin, Nicolette," I said softly.

"Maecie, my dear, you didn't know he was our fourth cousin, and fourth is better then first, right? No big deal, no harm done."

"The thing is, I really like Kevin, and now that I found out he was my fourth cousin, it ruins everything!" I said in a very loud tone.

"Maecie, don't listen to what your mother and Kirsten are saying. They can't be mad or upset with you for not knowing who Kevin really is."

"I guess you're right, Nicolette, thank you!" I said and I gave my little sister a great big hug. "I'm must get going now, I cannot be late for dinner with my mother, step father and Kirsten. Goodbye, darling, and thanks for the encouragment. I don't know what I would do without you!"

The End

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