How To Save A LifeMature

The small things are what matter most in life. From helping a little old lady cross a busy street, to saving the life of someone so dear to us. There are three people in my life who have shown me how delicate life really, truely is. Here is the story of how these young, yet very brave people, saved my life.

Nicolette, a very kind hearted girl with eyes so mysterious; you can see the fear built up inside, never to come out. Only twelve years old; so innocent. Born on October 31st, 1996. Being born on Halloween might make her "scary" to some, but to me, she is just a lonely caterpillar, awaiting the arrival of her beautiful, butterfly wings.

Savanna, a more outgoing, spontaneous little girl, filled with energy. An eleven-year-old mind working with such creative detail. The loving loyalty that lies within, to break out at any moment; when needed, of course. Born Febuary 14th, 1998. Being born on Valentines Day makes people think that there is not one hateful bone in her young body, but that is where they are very wrong.

Gabriel, filled with all of life's tender sweetness. Containing that dependent need for someone to always be there, and want of attention. Born March 2nd, 2008. You might be thinking, how could a one year old possibly change your life; let alone save it? But there are many unsolved mysterious these days, so you tell me.

The End

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