How to live alone?

A boy named James has a happy family. He loves he's family very much. But what if your family lived you alone? How will you live and how will you survive without a mother and a father? Read and find out.

Introduction about me.

My name is James Clarkson and I am from the most beautiful city in the world, New York.  I am a thirteen year-old boy who loves to read and write. I love my family so much. I am a weird guy who goes to school everyday and bullied by everyone. I don't like going to school. It really sucks!

Oh I forgot, I have a best friends named Alison Newbrew and Kyle Levington. They are so cool and awesome. I love them so much because they are the one who makes my day complete and happy. And they help me every time I have a problem. Oh, sometimes they are weird too like me and they are bullied by the others too. 

I forgot to tell you about my family. I live with my mother and my sister. My sister's name was Karla Clarkson and my mother's name was Princess Clarkson. My father is an engineer in Japan. He's name was Edward Clarkson. I love them so much.  

Welcome to my life.

The End

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