8 Little More Steps

1) For just five minutes every day, pretend to be that little kid again and colour/sing off tune/ or even play with that old stuffed toy you have.

2) Watch a movie in a language you do not know so you may make your own story with the visual.

3) Try and count all the stars and assign a 'good thing' to each one.

4) Try and write your name with your opposite hand.

5) Dream about how you could make the world better, then do it, even if you have to do a little at a time.

6) Learn someone else's religion - not to convert yourself, but to understand your fellows better.

7) Burp the loudest you can, then challenge someone to go louder. (and explain that someone burping after a meal is a compliment to the chef as it means the meal was so good you stuffed yourself too fast)

8) Doodle all over that math test your teacher gave back, defying those 'wrong' answers. Art is never wrong!

The End

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