Forty More Steps


  1. Accept yourself. Don't try to change - that will come if it needs to.

  2. Accept others, warts and all

  3. Say no when you need to

  4. Say yes when you want to

  5. ''What if''s are better than ''if only''s

  6. First impressions are almost always wrong. Wait and see.

  7. Be kind to yourself

  8. Learn a new word every day and use it.

  9. Never lose your sense of wonder

  10. Be silly and don't mind if people object

  11. Be fair, always

  12. Learn an instrument

  13. Try a new dish when you go out to eat

  14. Don't make resolutions on January 1st – every day is the start of new year

  15. Accept that you're not always right

  16. Aggressive and assertive are not the same thing

  17. Make the most of your empathy

  18. Yawn in a public place, just to see how many people ''catch'' it.

  19. Walk along the street looking up at the sky, to see how many look up.

  20. Look for the good in everyone and everything.

  21. Forgive. And if they do it again, forgive again. 

  22. Smile at a stranger and don't mind if they don't return it

  23. Open a door for someone and don't mind if they don't thank you.

  24. Don't be a blamer - accept responsility for your mistakes

  25. Cry at a movie, and don't wipe the tears as you're leaving.

  26. Accept compliments graciously

  27. Give compliments sincerely

  28. Don't listen to gossip, and certainly don't pass it on

  29. Choose the smallest slice of cake

  30. Don't make promises unless you can keep them

  31. Don't make excuses.

  32. Dont be hard on yourself when you make mistakes – it's how we learn.

  33. Listen more than you talk.

  34. Know that everyone has an equal right to inhabit this world

  35. Take a little risk every day

  36. Grow something – in a pot or in the garden

  37. Don't sit on the fence

  38. If you have a vote, use it. People fought for that.

  39. Don't give advice that you wouldn't take yourself

  40. Rent ''The Sound of Music'' and sing along to all the songs

The End

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