How To Live A Great Life-150 Step Guide

1.Watch the clouds go by.

2. Actually watch the previews.

3. Cook your own food.

4. Read.

5. Stay behind and watch the movie credits.

6. Learn the lyrics to your favorite songs.

7. Color outside the lines.

8. Mute the commercials.

9. Girls- Go out one day without wearing make-up or brushing your hair.

10. Stay home from work one day and just do nothing.

11. Watch the sunset.

12. Get in your car, turn up the radio, roll down the windows and just sing!

13. Don’t be superstitious. Nothing is unlucky.

14. Buy a lottery ticket.

15. Wear your pajamas and silly slippers.

16. Have coffee in bed.

17. Get a pet.

18. Love your friends.

19. Be spontaneous.

20. Be random.

21. Learn a new language.

22. Walk by a mirror without looking at yourself.

23. Paint your walls that funky color you know you love.

24. Start a diary.

25. Look at the meaning of things.

26. Don’t diet, be healthy.

27. Sleep in when you can.

28. Actually achieve your New Years resolutions every year.

29. Take a long walk, don’t talk at all, stop, and just listen.

30. Break the rules every once and a while.

31. If you love someone. . .Tell them!

32. Go to a mall with your friends and don’t spend a single penny.

33. Go to the Dollar Store and spend less than a dollar.

34. Crush those cans with your forehead. . .Ouch but yea!

35. Go a week with no electricity.

36. Visit a cemetery and pray for those you don’t know.

37. Dance in public.

38. Wear something “inappropriate”.

39. Kiss a total stranger.

40. Fart and actually say “that was me”.

41. Jump in an elevator.

42. Spin the globe and place your finger on some random spot and actually go there.

43. Hitchhike.

44. Face your fears.

45. Collect something totally ridiculous.

46. Have some fun and actually agree to some ones insult to you.

47. Go around and give out free hugs.

48. Think outside the box.

49. Dye your hair at least once.

50. Teach yourself something new.

51. Volunteer.

52. Give someone that shoulder that they need.

53. Write down what you are thankful for and read it every day.

54. Don’t expect to live old. . .Just live.

55. Live every day like your last.

56. Give to charity.

57. Let people take your picture.

58. Make a collage.

59. Live your dream.

60. Think about that one thing you said you would never do in a million years. . .and do it.

61. One day just walk to school/work/etc. no matter how far away it is.

62. Surprise someone.

63. When people ask tell them your real age.

64. Wear that fancy cologne/perfume.

65. Don’t think twice.

66. Change the world. . .Its actually very easy to do.

67. Do something “impossible”.

68. Stand up for people even if you don’t know them.

69. Follow your heart.

70. Show someone wrong.

71. Pick dare over truth.

72. Don’t take everything seriously.

73. Chug that drink.

74. Go the whole day without using the first letter of your name.

75. Go to a concert. . .and rock out!

76. When you go to a dance make sure you actually dance.

77. Don’t be labeled.

78. Don’t label someone.

79. Stop. . .and take a breath.

80. Give someone a real homemade gift.

81. Don’t just “accept” someone.

82. Cut up that credit card.

83. Think about the one thing you hate most. . .now forget about it.

84. Get advice.

85. Give advice.

86. Work with passion.

87. don’t get a job for the money. . .Get it for the fun.

88. Don’t let anyone tell you that you can`t do something.

89. Don’t like something because everyone else likes it.

90. Like something that no one else likes.

91. Go to a foreign restaurant where the menu is in another language and just order something.

92. Save up for something really important.

93. Travel somewhere far away all on your own.

94. Get lost somewhere. . .and find your way back.

95. Don’t say the word “hate”.

96. Look people in the eye when you talk to them.

97. Take chances.

98. Use the dictionary and find some new words to impress your friends. . .or confuse them.

99. Don’t take short cuts.

100. Plant something and watch it grow.

101. Don’t always follow the directions.

102. Be that kid again.

103. Believe in something you truly believe in.

104. Be dirty every once and a while.

105. Be clean every once and a while.

106. Laugh as much as you can.

107. If your driving and somebody flips you off or honks at you make sure to smile and wave at them.

108. East something raw.

109. Be equal with the world and all its beings.

110. Don’t care about what other people think.

111. Stay in touch with technology.

112. Leave technology every once and a while.

113. Buy clothes you actually want to where and not just cheap ones.

114. Write something- Book, Diary, Journal, etc.

115. Learn something new everyday.

116. Don’t think about what is after life. . .Just think about life.

117. Don’t let anyone change your beliefs.

118. Don’t be green.

119. When you kiss truly know why you are kissing that person.

120. Don’t say “I love you” to someone you just like.

121. Don’t over dramatize.

122. Have a job you love doing.

123. Don’t go by routine.

124. Don’t be afraid.

125. Watch those scary movies.

126. Do an all-nighter.

127. Don’t get addicted.

128. It takes two to argue. . .If you don’t know one else will be able to.

129. All creatures no matter how ugly or sick are just as worthy of life as you.

130. Disabilities or disease shouldn’t stop you from doing anything.

131. You can cure yourself.

132. Sickness is just an obstacle.

133. Don’t tell someone what to do.

134. Don’t see everything as just black and white.

135. You are never “just” something.

136. Respects your elders.

137. Have your own style.

138. Someone who has passed away deserves to me remembered.

139. You don’t need photos to remember.

140. An eye for an eye, and the whole world goes blind.

141. If you need help, get some.

142. There is a difference between a secret and a problem.

143. Save the world.

144. No one is better than you.

145. No one is worse than you.

146. No matter who argues it we are the stupidest species on this planet.

147. Don’t kill anything.

148. The best things in life truly are free.

149. Live your life your way.

150. Live positively. Don’t be negative.

The End

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