How to Come Back to LifeMature

The name crashes against my heart like a wave against the bow of a tall ship.  The wave breaks and subsides as my heart cuts effortlessly through the sea of my past.  I look out upon the horizon and see a beautiful sunset, the sun glistening gently upon the steady waters of the ocean. 

Oh, I almost forgot, there's no more ash.  The ash stopped falling some time ago.  The factions have stopped fighting, the wars have been won and lost, the victims have risen from their graves, the victors have reconciled with them, and the warm sun breathes life into this world once again.

This didn't happen by itself, of course.  I raised my hand, froze the world around me, and searched for the truth.  I asked, and I received an answer.  I knocked, and the door was opened.  The truth had been there all along, I had only to find it.  Such power and strength the truth brought me, I could live again.  

My world lives on, stronger than ever.  The resentments of the past have been washed away, pounded out by the absolution brought by the truth.  I needed no savior.  I simply had to find the savior within myself.  

And what truth is it that saved me, you ask?  It is simplicity itself.  It is the driving force of this mighty ship that can plow so easily through my once painful memories.

The truth, my friends, is this:

Happiness is not defined by another person.  It is to be found within us, at the very center of our being.  We are the masters of ourselves, and when we love ourselves for all that we are, we can experience unbreakable peace. 

The End

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