how to deceive yourself into believing you need power

This was basically outlining my thought process for winning an argument - any argument. To express myself sharply, and then to equivocate when I fail, and to then to enrapture myself in a memory or a song - which rejuvenates me.

I first make a logical argument in my head, I have the confidence that it is correct. Then, when I reach a stumbling block, I remember to allow the emotion of spirit to take on me in order to guide my logic. I fix myself, but lo and behold, another possible error in logic. This time I equivocate, falling into the sublime revery of singing and dancing in a harmonious performance of "You Shook me all Night Long". This is part of my struggle for power, ambition, to overrun the world with my championed philosophy. I am no longer oppressed, but disenchanted. But impressed with ma skillz.


Every single human being is obsessed with power or ambition in some way or another. I realized this fact this year.


Anatomy of making notes of self-reflection:

      ---> Unit of ambition (memory)

      ---> Proceeding to humble oneself

      ---> Realization of self-reward

      ---> Use to obtain more ambition

      ---> Self-deception of humility

      ---> Emptiness of direction

      ---> Reawakening of this - the re-emergence of the will

The End

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