Try and get back in your house through a window

You step gingerly outside, braving the downpour to take a look at the available windows. All of the ground floor windows are locked, but you see that your daughter has left her second-floor window open (again! - Guess we know who *doesn't* pay the hydro bill!)

After several attempts at shinnying up a wet slippery porch column, you manage to get yourself up onto the porch roof, from which your daughter's window is accessible - barely. If you CAREFULLY  reach up and to the right, you should be able to push her screen into her room, thereby giving you access.

Soaked and shivering now, you reach up and over - almost got it! Excited, you push the screen into her room, just as your foot lands on a wet leaf, which slips out from under you, causing you to slide feet-first down the porch roof.

You manage to turn around just in time to grab the eavestrough, barely hanging on by your fingertips.

Below you, good old Zorro is wagging his tail and barking like mad, your very own canine cheering section.

Hearing the racket, your crotchety next door neighbour Mr.Bleckley sticks his head out his front door, looks at you and shakes his head. "Keep that mutt quiet would ya?" he grumbles. "I've a good mind to call the cops - gettin so a person can't watch his programs in peace these days!"

As the thunder booms and a sheet of lightning lights up the sky, Bleckley heads back inside to catch Wheel of Fortune, leaving you stranded, hanging by your fingers from the porch.

The End

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