You let Zorro finish off the chicken, go to the emergency dept,and buy another uncooked chicken on the way home

Arm aching from that tetanus shot, mood grim, you are more determined than ever to cook a damn chicken!!

When you return home however, Zorro sits by the door , face covered by his paws, looking chagrined. There is also a very distinct rumbling froom deep within him, and the smell emanating from him makes you think "I can't believe he ate the whole thing!"

You eye him suspiciously and head back to your toolbox, deciding (having had your fill of puncture wounds and needles today) that your ball peen hammer will suffice this time as a mace. You turn the video back on, anxious to continue your culinary lesson.

Just as the video starts where it left off, there is a great gust of doggy wind and a sound like a hack saw being expelled through a leaf blower. You run to the hall to find out what's happened, only to find out Zorro has crept into the living room and projectile vomited the chicken, bones and all, onto the carpet, the couch and the living room wall.

The End

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