How to be the Favourite SisterMature

A story scene I wrote that could possibly be the basis of a new novel. Main protagonist's gender is somewhat debatable, because I'm not sure of it myself. For now we'll just say they're genderfluid, okay?

“And then!” My brother laughs, “The squirrel ran away with my underpants!”

My absolute ass of a brother has the family just roaring with laughter. He’s Merri, the oldest, and also the family favorite. He’s outgoing, funny, in the military, the ideal first son.

I hate him.

My family's house is so elegant; soaring cathedral ceilings, hardwood flooring, and white furniture. The floorplan is very open, so that mom can supervise everybody from the kitchen, so we're all sitting in the family room gathered around the fireplace.

Jada, the youngest, wrestles on the rug, with the second youngest, Jaxin, both of them screaming like banshees. Tawny sits at the adult table, talking with our Aunt about the recent politics, acting like a queen, even though she’s really pretty annoying. 

She’s mom’s favorite, because none of her sisters had girls, none of her friends had girls, and to make things better, mom has two of them. Tawny just happened to be the first born girl. A bit of a treasure, like finding a sand dollar, or something.

I stare down into my small glass of whiskey, swirling it around. This is the only way to survive a family gathering, even though, in my heart of hearts, I know I shouldn't have it.

I’m about to down it, when my brother, Bayard, sits on the arm of my chair. 

“I don't think it’ll talk to you, Tyto,” He smiles.

“Thanks, Bayard,” I say.

“Merri sure does have everyone laughing,” he says, leaning close to my ear, and whispering, “I think he even made Tawny smile a little bit,”

“I do, too,” I whisper back to him.

“That’s a work of magic,” Bay giggles.

“I agree with you on that one,” I laugh.

“Hey; do you want to see what I’ve been working on?”


The End

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