How to Act at School

This is a guide for grade nine students. It educates them about high school and encourages them to respect older students and teachers.

How to Act at School


Well, you finally made it to high school. You’re trying to do certain things so that you will be liked. For most of you grade nine’s, you seem to be doing it all wrong. From your loud and screeching voices to your disrespectful behaviour, you seem to have everything backwards. Before you read any further, I want to make sure no one will take any offence from this piece of writing for none is intended.


First of all, let’s make one thing clear. High school is all about respect. The more respect you have, the more you will be appreciated. For example, look at your high school jock and see how well treated he is. The lady’s love him and students idolize him just because he is respected. There are many ways to gain respect, but what are the good ways? The answer is simple; to be yourself! What you are about to read is a guide of what you should not do in high school.


Secondly, you need to find a spot where you and your friends can hangout. For some reason or another, you seem to linger in the hallways. What is wrong with that you might ask? The result of you and your friends lingering in the hallways creates frustration and inconveniences for the people who are trying to walk through. This is a little problem that will give people a bad impression of the school’s new grade nine’s.


Third, is for all of the grade nine boys. Stop screaming and yelling with all of your guy friends, no one cares about your conversations, therefore people defiantly don’t want to hear it. After an older student has just got finished writing a long test they will want peace and quiet;so try to be aware of others. By being loud and obnoxious you are not respecting the other students around you. Other then your noisiness, there is just one other thing that drives people crazy. For some reason, you boys seem to be interested in play fighting. When you do this, people get the impression that you are just trying to impress girls. Not that there is anything wrong with that, but find a better way. Believe me, in the end girls don’t find that fighting is impressive; they would much rather have you pay attention to them instead of your wrestling partner.


Now to the girls. Well you are all used to hearing this, but for some reason you do it anyway. Stop dressing inappropriately! When people have to walk behind you up the stairs, the last thing they want to see is your pretty pink thong half way up your back! I understand that there is a lot of pressure being a girl these days, but for goodness sake you must respect yourself by respecting your body. I’m not going to give you a big speech on how to dress, but just remember this. If you don’t respect yourself why would anyone else respect you?


Finally, to finish this guide on how to act at school, I would just like to underline that when you reach high school, it is important to stay true to yourself and to be yourself. You don’t need to do anything stupid or inappropriate to make friends or to be liked. If you can restrain yourself from doing any of these bad grade nine habits, I am sure that your grade nine year will be a good one.


The End

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