In The BeginningMature

A story of how things could have been....

She walked into the house, a forlorn look on her face. It’s going to take a lot of courage to do this. She could hear her mum in the kitchen; she was making tea for the family, the quiet, boring family that nobody really talks about. She dropped her bag on the floor and took her coat off, it had been a long day but nothing would ever feel longer than that walk to the kitchen.

“Mum?” the girl croaked and swallowed the lump in her throat. Her mother turned around, revealing a woman small in stature with shoulder length jet black hair that flicked as she turned. “Liz dear! You’re home, do you want some tea? I’ve made enough for 5, as usual but if you don’t want any that’s fine, I’m sure Daisy will eat it.” Liz took a deep breath in and tried her best to control her breathing. She could feel her stomach tightening and she suddenly felt really warm and uncomfortable. But she had to do this. “Mum, I…” she started but her mother interrupted “Goodness dear, you look positively ghost like. Here, sit down…” she said pulling out a chair “You need something to eat, let me dish you something-up, do you wa-“
“No! Mum, I’m fine. But I need to talk to you, I think maybe you should sit down, not me” Liz interrupted. Her mother was shocked by her sudden and aggressive tone, she sat down slightly confused and asked “What’s wrong darling?” in a soothing, slightly patronising voice.
”Mum… I uhm… I… I don’t quite know how to say this but uhm… I’ve ruined everything” she broke down, tears streaming down her face as her mum jumped up to embrace her. Running her fingers along the contours of Liz’s hair, her mum said comfortingly, “No you haven’t Hun, what’s happened? Tell me!” Liz tried her best but her words were lost in sobs, her mother slowly guided her to the seat and grabbed some tissues, in her most gentle voice she asked once again, “What’s wrong?” pulling up a chair for herself.  Liz calmed down and forced her eyes to meet her mothers. “Mum…” She began. “I’m pregnant.”

“You’re… you’re p… preg… ADAM, GET DOWN HERE!” Her mother stuttered before shouting. A tall man with greying hair that used to be bright blonde waddled down the stairs; his face was young despite his age of 46. “What is it Joan?” he said in a gruff voice caused by years of chain smoking.  “Tell ‘im Eliza” Shit. Liz’s mum (Joan) never used her proper name unless she was in deep shit. She swallowed hard; her throat felt like a cactus had grown there in the time it took for Adam, her step-dad, to walk down the stairs. ”I’m, uhm, well… I’m pregnant.” It felt easier the second time around. It was a rare thing to see Adam angry, Liz had only ever seen him angry twice, once when he was trying to quit the sin sticks (which he failed)  and the other when her mother was out and she had decided to go to meet her older sister (Cara)’s boyfriend without his permission.  But neither of these occurrences compared to the look in his eyes right now. “FOR FUCK’S SAKE LIZ, WHAT THE FUCK DID YOU THINK YOU WERE DOING?! YOU’RE SUPPOSED TO BE THE GOD DAMNED CLEVER ONE. WHERE DID ALL YOUR SENSE GO, EH?! WHAT ARE YOU GONNA DO WITH YOUR LIFE NOW?!”

This was what Liz was afraid of. She could feel the tears burning her eyes but she refused to cry in front of him, she glanced over at her mother but her face was buried in her hands, her shoulders shivering as though cold, or scared. “I don’t know, do you think I intended for this to happen? I’m 15 for fuck’s sake-“
“Don’t you swear at me! Do you have any idea what impact this is going to have on the rest of us, eh?! Life isn’t all about you Eliza! And don’t go thinking for a second that we’re going to be looking after it. That is, if you’re keeping it…” Joan’s head shot up and stared a hole into Liz, who just stood there, speechless. “Liz?” her mother snivelled “Yeah, I’m keeping it.” Liz replied in a determined voice, her eyes never leaving that of her step dad's.

The End

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