How Peculiar

Max blinked in suprise.

'Well that wasn't there earlier,' he thought out loud, and although the shed was packed with seven fully hearing children nobody heard him, which Max thought was odd.

Come to think of it, the children in the shed were all a little odd. They all had politley suprised expressions on their faces, which were all framed by identical plaits or home-cut fringes.

'I must say, Janet, this is jolly exciting,' exclaimed a well dressed boy, who looked the eldest in the shed.  

If he was feeling his normal self, Max would have dismissed this boy as something not very nice, and perhaps called him a name but as he wasn't feeling exactly normal, he thought of him more as a "jolly good fellow who would make a smashing friend."

'And why am I in this shed?' Max said to himself. The seven children around him blinked, and the Golden Spaniel on the floor ignored him, which was rather rude.

The well dressed boy who had spoken earlier stood up and stuck out a hand for Max to shake. 'Jolly good show, old chap,' he said cheerfully. 'That was one smashing magic trick, you must show us how you did it.'

A girl with bright blonde ringlets sitting next to a chubby girl with a bob spoke up. 'Yes, it really was excellent.'

'Whatever do you mean?' Max said.

'Why, the delightful flash of light of course,' said the blonde girl, as if it was obvious.

Max shook the still waiting hand in front of him, ticking things over in his head.

'I'm Peter,' said the well dressed boy importantly. 'And this is my sister Janet, and our friends Pam and Barbara, Colin and George and Jack. What's your name?'

'Max,' said Max.

'What a peculiar name!' pronounced the blonde girl called Barbara.

Max shrugged, and the children seemed offended. Then, all of a sudden, it clicked.

'Oh, bloody hell,' he shouted, slipping into his normal self. 'I'm in an Enid Blyton story!!'

The End

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