How my life souly rests on a single sheet of paper and my best friend found it hilarious to endlessly tease me at every failure I made to revise/Get a boyfriend/Get a date and dress for prom and maybe possibly having one day thats relaxed. yuup...Mature

This is based around me and my mates, my exams are coming up and I think that I should right something about it xD They are something we will go through this at some point in our life. So if you haven't yet, this is to give you a heads up about :P

The hall wasn’t huge, but it felt it. And even though there were over two hundred people in there it still felt empty. I stared slowly at the paper in front of me. The rest of my life… I thought carefully to myself. The rest of my life is on this bit of paper, if I mess up, if suddenly EVERYTHING that I’ve ever learnt ever blanks me. It will follow me around for the rest of my life. I stared at my pen, slowly I reached for it. It felt cold on my hot fingers. I turned the first page as if there was a bomb rigged up to it! Question one. I sighed, I still have a loooong way to go, I stuck my pen in my mouth and got to work.

“Urrghh”… I slowly breathed. “What”? Alice asked while taking a sip of her lemonade. “My brain hurts, that’s what!” I said. Alice rolled her eyes at me “don’t!” I hissed “That exam was really hard!” Alice gave me a long stare, and then took another sip. “Well, at least it’s over now; you don’t need to worry about tests for the whooole summer!” She chirped. “Well, you do have to worry about the results.”  My head left all support; I banged it on the table, with a rather satisfying “Fuucck.”  “HEY!” Alice snapped hitting me over the head with a spoon. “Ow?!” I hissed “where in a public place, TRY to act human” She teased. A young waitress came over and placed the food in front of us. “Blehh” I moaned I picked up my fork and jabbed at my plate of chips and omelette. Alice was already way into her burger “You’re not eating” She pressed sounding worried. “I just don’t feel like food right now” I sighed, still jabbing at it with my fork.  Alice smiled, one of those I-have-a-really-mean-plan smiles. Slowly she moved over to my plate, she grinned as she picked up one of my chips, and brought it to her mouth. She gave me another smile before she bit into it. "Mmmm, this is SOOO nice"!! She almost yelled, staring at me. " I don't know WHO wouldent want to eat this" She sarcasticly while jabbing a chip in my face. I waved my arms in the air "Fudging fine"!! I yelled swiping the chip and returning my head to the desk. "Eeeeaaattt" She complained "Meeh" I said my head still on the desk "EEEAAATTT" she moaned jabbing my head. I slowly looked up, gave her evils. Then began to eat.

The End

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