The Need

My way of feeling towards that one person, describing , how i'm suffering and telling all my feelings

I've never wanted someone like I want her , I know she's out of my league , but she visited me in my dreams and it was so amazing , so i'll keep on dreaming , while i'm sure that her love is out of my reach , i'll never get her because I don’t even know how to try to get her , she's so beautiful on the inside , she got a lot of deep feelings ,I think i'll understand those feelings and that makes me so sad , that finally I found the one I need , but I still don’t know what I should do , she's so angel-like , her way is exactly how I like , her manners is what my fantasy is about , she's so pure , I know I can treat her right I want a chance so I can prove my self to her , she'll never think of me , i'll never cross her mind , because in her eyes i'm only a stupid guy , I cant blame her , I don’t even deserve her because she's one-of-a-kind , and i'm nothing , she's amazing , and I want her to give me a chance to be amazing to her, I want to know what's her dream guy , and i'll work all my guts to be that guy , I want a chance but I cant ask her for one , she's special and i'm messed up , she know how to live and she does the right , I know how to live but never done the right , she's that one , that with her I can be happy forever , I want her to be the mother of my children , since she got everything I dream of , she got that smile every time I see it I get goosebumps all over my body , her looks are so strong , she seems like a shield , and I want to live to protect that shield , every time I see her from a distance I get both happy and devastated , happy to see her beautiful face and devastated because that fact that she'll never be for me , i've always had a lot of dreams , now all my dreams became her , and i'll do anything to get her not an expression literally anything , I cant stop thinking about her , i've been like this for months and I cant quit , I admire her words and writings , she's really everything I need right now and for the rest of my life , the way she makes me feel is something never been felt before by anyone and I mean NEVER , she drive me crazy even when I don’t know her personally , she got my mind from the first sight then my heart got dragged by my mind , I was like that girl is precious , and she turned out to be extremely precious , she lives in my imaginations right now , everything I do reminds me of her I don’t know why

everything I plan for the future is a way of getting her , I really want her that bad , its not normal the way I feel , I keep thinking of her for hours , doing nothing but thinking of her , i've got that picture of her on my laptop I open it when I go to sleep and keep my sight looking to her for hours and having thoughts and living another life with her in my fantasies , and every time I see that picture I smile unwillingly , i've tried to get over myself but I simply couldn’t , i've tried my all and everything to get her out of my mind but she's blocked inside , what should I do ? , I don’t know and there is nothing I want to know more in my life than that , I just want to speak to her right now and be a normal guy in her life , but its impossible because there aren’t even normal guys in her life , I want to start from zero with her and reach the million , I don’t know what i'm doing , I don’t know what she've done to me , how is it possible to feel that way , I feel crushed , pathetic , stupid and destroyed . And the biggest problem that i'm waiting for her deep down to fix this but how!!! I want to scream so bad , I want to cry so loud , i've never been this weak in my whole life , i've never faced something like this before and I don’t know how i'll get through it , i'll never get through it , you know why because she's all I ever wanted , I want to make her happy I want to be her man , I want to feel her feelings , I want us to be one , I pray god everyday in my prayers to make her mine . I swear if I had just on wish to be granted i'll will not ask for anything in this life but her . I have a lot of wishes and dreams I will not get but I don’t want her to be one of them , what the hell can I do to make her mine , i'm dying from the inside , if she got away I might be paralyzed , i'm in a long-term depression in real life , but in fantasies i'm flying with her , I don’t know what my feeling should be called , I want to talk to anyone about her but I can't , I just cant tell anyone about that they might call me crazy and send me to a psychic , but i'm not crazy I just found her and I want her , after knowing that she exists I'll never be satisfied with someone else , oh my god! I cant describe her , there is no words to describe her , she is more and more and more than everything , I really need help but from her and only her..........

The End

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