Enter the mind of the egotistical Edward Nigma, who in his mind is Gotham City's most superior life form.

Out of all of the annoying sounds that I’ve heard in my lifetime,  a muffled scolding tone of a man through paper thin walls just might be the worst.  I’m not sure what’s worse about it – not knowing when he’ll give it a rest, or how long it takes before you’re next. There are a few signs. If after he stops speaking you hear disappating footsteps, he’s given up.  If the footsteps increase in volume,  you’re next.

At this point, the incoherent lecture was still going on. I didn’t bother to decipher the pieces of words that I could understand. It wasn’t my buisness to know, and it was probably something insignificant anyway.  I leaned my back against the wall behind me, staring blankly at the glass wall. The voice stopped. The distance of footsteps that followed were indistinguishable at first, but soon enough, they were without a doubt getting louder.

The unscuffed shoe of the guard was the first thing I saw. His movements were rigid, but the shaking light of his flashlight gave away his uneasiness. I chuckled.

The light flashed at my face, causing me to squint in order to see. “What’s so funny?” he barked.

“I’m sorry, I can’t answer that question,” I told him, making sure to give him my most sincere smile. “It’s rhetorical. So why should I answer a question with an obvious answer.”

“Do you think this is some kind of joke?” The flashlight still wavered.

“Of course not. That’s not my specialty. How unfortunate, though. I’m sure given the appropriate time, some quality jokes could be made-“

“If you don’t keep your mouth shut I’ll –“

“You’ll what? Lecture me?” I snickered.  I put my hands up in defense. “Oh no, words! How painful and potent your words are, right? Wrong. Anything that spews from your insolent mouth is deflected. They do not apply to the likes of me.”

“You have the same right to be here as everyone else,” he huffed, the flashlight now shining at his feet.

“Oh, we’ll see about that,” I smiled.  “And if you ever happen to cross my path again, I’ll prove myself to you. That’s a promise.”

He continued to the next cell, the flashlight quivering more than before.


While I had to spend my time here, intimidating newer employees made this misunderstanding worthwhile.  While I didn’t have the brawn of some, or the menacing appearance of others. No, I had something much better. I had  what the others lacked. I had the brains. I didn’t need bulging muscles or a sickening smile. I had the power of words. I’ve found that psychological damage cuts deeper than physical. This was definitely worth using to my advantage. How else would I survive in a place like this?

I did not belong here with these scoundrels, with these idiots. They were here because their plots against whatever cause, their greed for however much money, were flawed. I didn’t covet money, I’m not one for spontaneous murder –although I do what I must to make a point--, and most importantly, my plans are not flawed. Far from it. I haven’t commited a crime. I’m trying to prove a point –myself. I’m trying to get it embedded into the thick skulls of those with power that I am not like these people. I’m more than these people could ever imagine to be. I’m more than what the deranged man who caught a lucky break and foiled my plans could ever dream of becoming.

All it takes is some admittance. Three words: you are right. No, not were. Were would imply that I stopped being right, which simply isn’t the case. I never stopped being right. All they need to do is realize it. Denial is an awful thing, but not incurable.

Am I persistant? Of course, I have to be. I will get the recognition that I rightfully deserve. I just hope they  realize the lengths I’m willing to go to achieve it.

Is it necessary? Probably not. But if they’re being unreasonable, drastic measures must be made.

I’m not sure who this city has me mistaken for, but it’ll take more than a  glamorized revenge seeking man in a leotard and bed sheet to stop me. 

The End

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