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With a thousand others rushing to their classes around me; like planets hurdling around a galaxy due to gravitational pull, we collectively descend the wide stairs; a few going this way and some that way; me to Geometry. Heaving my backpack into a better position on my shoulder, I nearly fall as my gal pal Melissa comes up behind me; tapping me on the opposite shoulder than where she really is. “Hey! Over here silly!” she says with a laugh. I spin to greet her smiling face; and in an instant, she notices my own red face. “Just heading to Geometry. You okay? You look kinda flushed?”  

Looking down; I take the last stair in stride and feel pretty good upon clearing it without tripping or careening face forward. I’m trying hard not to show Melissa how utterly ugly-duckling-like I feel at the moment - “I saw him again.” I said somewhat awkwardly, knowing how impossible it is to pull off the whole “hiding the truth” thing with Melissa, she knows me too well - “He was wearing a nice shirt ” Melissa cracked up laughing, “Ahh, well that explains the red face girl!” she gushed. “He must be gorgeous! What’s his name anyway?” I stop just outside our classroom, Melissa looked at me inquisitively and then quickly looked up and down the hall; the last few straggler planets were aligning to their respective classrooms. “Come on! We’re gonna be late!” she said, tugging at my backpack. I felt anger well up inside, as it occurred to me what a silly scared goat I am! I don't even know his name!

The End

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