How love cannot be described.

When I think about the one I like... I feel a million things at once. Ifeel anger. For how could I be so stupid? I feel shame and embarassment for how i have acted. I feel unloved and worthless, because he seems to be avoiding me. But then at the bottom of this maddness is a feeling like no other. it's the feeling you get when after wishing to see him all day your paths finally cross and you actualy pretend you dont see him! Why am I so stupid? why do i girn so stupidly ay time he even glances

ding.... The bell rings and everyone rushes out of the classroom while I trod back a bit farther not so eager to get to my geometry class. i'm making my way out of the classroom door when I finally spot him. Involuntarily I go into automatic panic mode. my heart jumps out of my body and cracks on the floor. I wipe it up with my sleeve.My bones go wobbly and my feet gain 10 pounds each. All as my brain is making its exit. And there he is. The guy I've been waiting to see all day and suddenly i just wish he would go away. But unlike last time, i can't just look away and pretend he's not there for he has already caught my eye and it is far past escape mode. He whispers hello as i clumsily trip over some invisible obstacle. I'm pretty positive that i have the geekiest smile on my face. Oh dear. Here we go again.

The End

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