How Lily survived Middle School

Chapter one-


     As the bus pulls up to the school I think"one more year, just one you can do it." Then i see her or it as I like to say, Miss 'tude , the big chalupa herself, oh that girl, Abbie.

      "Lilly" she says snootily.

"Abbie, I see your still conceited" I spit back at her.

       "O Lily still trying to be mean i see, you know it's just not your thing." she says mockingly.

      At this I just ingnore her, I need this to be the best year here. As we all shove into the class room I scan the room for my seat, great the front of the room. I meet up with my friend  Morgan.

       "Lily, OMG it's so good to see you, you wouldn't beleive my summer!" cries Morgan as she runs up  and thrusts her arms around me.

        "Hey, girl whats up did your brother make the football team?" I ask quickly.

        "Yeah, but who cares about him I heard Mr. Fredrich is the coolest teacher ever is it true?" she questions.

         "He totally is, but he keeps getting stricter, you know this is his last year and just because this is a parocial school we'll probably have to close." I retort angryly

          " Has Abbie already talked to you today you're in such a mood ?" asks Morgan innocentelly.

          " Yeah she is such a jerk her and her DC shoes, have you seen them, they're so ugly!" I state giggling.

               Just then Bailey walks up "Hi" she squels" have you seen Abbie's shoes?"

               "We were just talking about that!" Morgan and I say at the same time.

               "Wow, I am good i don't even need to be caught up with the conversationi just know it." She says with a flip of her hair.

             "Well, Looks like school is starting better get to our seats!" I cry excitedly.

The End

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