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Along time ago there was a boy named Joe. Joe loved to sing. His last name was Bing.  Joe lived in a tree. He was petrified of bees. One day Joe went for a walk; he brought a big box of chalk. When he found a nice spot, he decided to stop and draw a pot.

He thought he would draw just a few pieces of straw. Not soon enough he drew a whole tough. He then drew a mountain and also a fountain. He drew a tree and one big bumble bee. That bee scared him so; he went up in a blow. He jumped and started to run.   He ran so fast he hit bee's hon.  He was covered in honey from head to toe.  That poor, poor Joe.    

He screamed out for help.  A cry not a yelp.  Calling, "help me, help me.  I'm stuck to a log wall with no answering my call."

Well that boy was so petrified, he did not worry about were to hide.  He wanted a buddy to help make him not muddy.  There was no one in sight and it was the starting of night.  What could Joe do he had to use the loo. 

He then saw a mutt with big teeth and an even bigger butt.  What could Joe do he was still stuck like glue. The dog started to growl. It was very fowl.  The dog did not start to pick him but lick him.  Well not him the honey.  The dog looked cute like a bunny.  The dog did not want to hurt Joe. He wanted Joe to let go, so that he could eat the honey. 

Joe ran from the tree so he could go pee.  Then ran back not off track.  He had to say thank you to the dog. He named the dog Rex, and brought him home to live in the bog.  Joe and Rex had a very happy life together after that.           

The End

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