Chapter Fourteen

 "Puh-please! Make it stop! Make it STOP!" I was screaming angrily. If I could've moved, I would've lashed out. But I was in way too much pain. I scowled at David, probably scaring him with my eyes. I could see perfectly, so I didn't know why they were white.

 I felt something touch my mouth, but I couldn't see it (probably because I wasn't looking). When I looked down, I saw a soft, pale neck before me. The skin was creamy and pale, and I could almost smell the blood under that ivory skin. I wouldn't have been able to resist even if I had tried.

 I almost fell into the girls neck, sucking all of the warm, red blood out of her. She groaned as I did it. She seemed to be feeling good. Was I doing that? When I was done, I dropped her to the floor, and looked down at her. She was only about twelve. I gasped as I took a few steps backward.

 "Wha? H-how  could you?!" I screamed. And then I lunged, shrieking growls at him.

The End

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