Chapter Thirteen

 I was reeling over in pain. My cold, pale hands were clutched around my stomach, and I kept having to swallow back the blood that was rising up out of my dessicated throat. I would've screamed in pain if it didn't hurt too much.

 David ran over to me, worried. He leant over me to pull me onto my side.

 "What's wrong? What happened?" he asked, scared.

 "I-Muh-My" My throat hurt too much to get a fully articulated sentence- no, word- out. But he instantly knew what was wrong.

 "You haven't fed yet, have you." he said it not as a question, but a statement. I had enough power to nod quickly. He nodded too, and quickly ran out of the room in a flash. Had he left me here, to die? I was getting scared when he had been gone for an hour, but he came back with a body in his arms.

 She was a beautiful girl, about my...well, my human age. She had flowing black hair with brown highlights. Her face was quite tanned and very pretty. My eyes widened.

 "I-is sh-she...dead?" I whispered. He shook his head,

 "Just knocked out. Quick, drink." He demanded, dropping the girl into my arms. I was still inhumanly strong. I just stared at him for a few seconds, and then bent down to the girls neck. When I was done, I rose, and David gasped.

 "What?" I was surprised at how clear and strong my voice was now.

 "Your eyes! They're white!" he exclaimed, thrusting a mirror in my view. I saw my face, which was as pale as ever, but when I looked up at my eyes, they weren't red. They didn't even have Irises any more. Or Pupils. My eyes were just two scleras. I gasped, and fell back into a settee.

The End

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