Chapter Twelve

 Over time, I'd gotten to love Hayley William's songs, and her band, Paramore, as well. I'd be listening to it every second of every day if I had the chance. I'd never heard music like this before. It was brilliant, and I loved it passionately.

 David had talked to me about the instruments, telling me what they are and what they do. I loved all of them, but I took a special interest in the Piano. A beautiful instrument, which makes sounds more beautiful than I thought possible.


I'd been a vampire for about a year when I raised enough money to purchase my own piano. I didn't have to do much to learn. All I did was buy an instruction book, glanced once at what the notes meant and looked down at the keys, seeing what notes they are. I memorised everything within seconds. After a week, I was playing perfectly.

 My favourite song to play was My Immortal by Evanescence, but I played other beautiful songs too. I liked My Immortal because of the beauty and the feel of the piano.


 Within that year, I'd also learnt how to behave like an average human. I even had a job, with better pay than usual, although how I got it wasn't fair. Apparently, looks could get you anything. But that wasn't acting normal, and it felt wrong, so I didn't use my looks often.

 But one day, my urges couldn't be silenced. I needed blood.

The End

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