Chapter Eleven

 We walked around the new town, looking at all of the new stuff here, which was everything. I looked at everything, taking it all in hungrily.

 Suddenly, we walked past a building that was playing some sort of music, but there was a man shouting quickly over the music. I frowned,

 "What is that?" I asked David. He laughed,

 "That is rapping. I know, it sucks, right?" he joked.

 "Well, I like the music, but that person shouting just ruins it. Where's it coming from anyway?" I asked, realising no one was there, 'rapping'. I leaned towards the shop.

 "It's a speaker. They record these songs, and they use speakers to play them." he explained, pointing to black boxes stuck to the ceiling. Suddenly, I heard singing within the rapping.

 'Can we pretend that aeroplanes in the night sky are like shooting stars? I could really use a wish right now, wish right now, wish right now'

 I was in awe of her voice.

 "What is this song, and who sings it?!"

 "Um, I think it's called 'Aeroplanes'. The rapper's B.O.B, but the singer is called...umm..ah yes, Hayley Williams." He said with a smile. I was still listening to the song.

 "How can we get this?" I asked, excited.

 "Look over there," he pointed to a stack of thin cases, "they're called 'CDs'. You can use them to play any type of music. Now, normally, you'd pay for one, but since we have no money...yet...You'll just have to sneak it out of the shop. All you have to do is run as fast as you can, grab the CD very quickly, and run out again, fast." He exclaimed. I nodded.

 "What one should I take?"

 "Take that one." He pointed to a case with a picture of a beautiful woman with red hair on the front. I nodded again, and did what it said. When I ran, I wasn't speeding up; everyone else had slowed down. They were only moving infinitesimally. But I didn't have time to look around. So I grabbed the CD and ran out of the shop in the same position I was in before. David jumped when I appeared next to him. Damn it. I was on the wrong side.

 "Wow. That was quick" He exclaimed. I nodded again. "No, I mean really quick. Even for a vampire." He said, eyes wide.

 "Thanks...?" I said. He rolled his eyes,

 "Let's get home." He said before turning around and walking away. I followed him gracefully.

The End

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