Chapter Ten

 I sat on the bed, thinking. I was deep in thought when I realised that David was looking very on edge, as if he expected me to suddenly attack him. I laughed.

 "Don't worry." I said, smiling. "I'm not going to hurt you"

 "I know, it's just that...Well...Young vampires can be very, very, strong, and so unpredictable. Sometimes they attack people without meaning too. It's like their body goes into auto-pilot. It only ever happens when they have to eat."

 I spent the next hour or so asking David questions about being a New Born. He was very patient, considering I knew nothing. He was very talkative and friendly once I let my guard down. I felt like I'd made another friend.


 We went into the City after three hours to get me used to it. It was all different- there were tall tents everywhere, and they seemed to be made of metal or glass, and they weren't in triangles, they were in all sorts of quadrilateral shapes. The sun shone on them all, and I could see reflections in them.

 The floor didn't have grass on it any more- instead it was a black stone like substance that had different symbols painted on it. Everything made out of glass had pieces of paper stuck to the insides of them. I looked around at everyone's clothes. It was all different and weird. I liked it.

 Nearly every girl I passed smiled at me, and I smiled back. They obviously had a message behind those smiles, but I walked on, trying not to think about it.

The End

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