Chapter Nine

 I didn't talk much after that. I was considering suicide. I would've if I knew what feelings I had for her. I'd been told that the vampire who sires you instantly falls in love with you. And when a vampire falls in love with a human or another vampire, that other person/thing automatically falls in love with you. It was a scary thing, love. So unexpected and unpredictable. But when the person you love dies, your world falls apart.

 A quiet knock on my door startled me. Who could that be? No-one else lived in here! I thought to myself, and decided to ignore it. but they knocked again. I snarled as I walked over to the two huge oak doors. I swung them open, and saw a man standing there, with a bussiness like suit on and a dark suit case. I frowned, confused.

 "How did you get in?" I inquiered inpolitely. He still smiled,

 "I'm David Hale." He stated cheerfully. I scowled angrily at his happiness. His smile wavered.

 "How did you get in the mansion?" I asked.

 "I'm...Um...Like you, in a way. If you know what I mean..." He trailed off. I narrowed my eyes. He was a vampire. I sighed and sat down on my bed.

 "What do you want?" I asked, annoyed. He breathed in deeply and walked into the room.

 "I work for a vampiric company where we give out money to young vampires, so that they can pay for their blood and to live. If you used to live thousands of years ago, you shouldn't have been able to get your hands on our new money, so we give it out, and you can pay it off later off in your...Um...Life" He was a bit uncertain about the last word. I frowned, my new mind whirring with the information. Should I take money from these people? I stood up and walked to the mirror, and noticed that the man's reflection wasn't present on the shiny old glass. I whirled around. He was laughing.

 "We get rid of our reflections to be stealthy. It's quite an easy procedure." He explained. I shook my head,

 "I'd like to keep my reflection." I stated, still a bit uncertain about the man's job.

The End

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