Chapter Eight

 After a while, it got a little bit uncomfortable, so I rose from the bed and walked to the door. I turned to look at Marie before I left.

 "Aren't you going to show me around. And you'll need to tell me how to act." I stated. She didn't move. I frowned. She couldn't still be that proud of her age.

 "Hello?" I said, waving my pale hand across her unmoving dark eyes. I looked down, and saw something protruding from her chest. It was a wooden stake. My eyes widened as they looked back up at Marie's face.

 "No! No!" I was screaming, not that it'd do anything. I walked around to her back, and yanked the stake out. But that only made her tumble to the ground, cinder and ash. I gasped.

 "Oh crap! Oh crap, oh crap, oh crap." I murmured, unable to move again. A tear rolled down my cheek.

 After a while, my body regained its basic functions, and I leant down and scooped up Marie's ashes, with an expressionless face. I put them in a glass bowl that was just sitting on top of the fire place. I walked slowly out of the room, and along the long, long, corridor, down the winding staircase, and into what seemed like some sort of place for cooking. But it was full of high-tech rubbish. Then I saw what I was looking for. Fire. I threw the ashes into a fireplace, and sat down, watching the flames change from a turquoisey blue colour, to a green colour, to a purple colour, to a pink colour, and then it slowly changed colours until the ashes were completely burnt up. Had I added salt into the ashes, the fire would've just turned a weird grey colour, and stayed like that. But then again, if I added salt, then the vampire's soul wouldn't go to heaven. And I wanted Marie's soul to have the chance to reconcile.

The End

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