Chapter Six

 A noise from outside the big, heavy oak doors startled me, and I gasped, whirling around to see what made the little scuffling noise. I frowned and walked gracefully to open the doors. I looked around, down the long, dark hall, but there was no-one there.

 I walked back into my room, and sat down on my bed. Where was I? What had happened last night? I thought. I really concentrated on trying to remember to no avail. The scuffling noise interrupted my thought path, startling me. I narrowed my eyes, and listened harder. It was footsteps. I really concentrated, and I could make out bits of voices,

 "...can't do that!..."

 "'s no good! We can't ... with..."

 "...we're finished!..."

 What kind of place was this? And where were those voices coming from? I shook my head to clear out the thoughts that were filling my mind. I could go crazy if I carried on like this.

 Suddenly, a loud, feral snarl sounded. I didn't know where it was coming from until another one ripped through my mouth. Did I just growl? I asked myself. Something was happening to me. Something scary.

 A knock on my door brought me out of my thoughts. I whirled around just in time to see the door opening. Marie stood there, beautiful as ever with her long, black hair, and her long, flowing black dress. Her eyelashes seemed darker and thicker, and she seemed paler than I remembered her ever looking. She smiled casually, and sat down at the foot of the bed.

 "Hi, Jay." She said, still smiling. I nodded,

 "Hello, Marie." I was stunned at how luxurious; how beautiful my voice sounded. I looked up into her dark eyes, bewilderment colouring my face even paler.

 "Whu-what am I?" My voice sounded like velvet. She laughed.

 "Listen, you're not evil, or even bad. But you are a...Vampire." She seemed ashamed to admit it. My facial expression didn't change. After a few minutes of not moving-literally-, I inhaled a lungful of air. I was a vampire. And I didn't care. It might've been because of shock, but for some reason, it wasn't news for me.

 "Cool." I stated simply. Marie frowned.

 "Cool? Cool?" she nearly shouted.

 "Calm down!" My voice rose a couple of octaves, but it still came out beautifully. "I'm okay with it. I don't know why, but I don't really care." I tried to reason with her, but her anger seemed to rise. I don't know why she was angry, but she was.

The End

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