Chapter Five

  Pain shot through my veins for a moment, but there was no other pain. Once Marie pulled her teeth out, I felt unbelievably thirsty, and my throat was dry. I needed to drink, and Marie offered her slit chest. I drank from it thirstily. The blood felt good, but it seemed like she had an endless amount of it. After a while, she pulled away. I watched the slit on her chest fade to a purple colour, and harden into a scar. Dizziness overtook me, and I blacked out.


My eyes flew open, pain shooting through my veins, as if there was an alien substance along with my bloodstream. I gasped as I looked down at my wrist, and I was amazed and scared at what I saw. My skin was incredibly pale. It was as white as paper, and looked incredibly soft, but when I touched it gently, it was as hard-and cold- as a stone that had been several feet under snow. I frowned. Had my vision always been so clear? Everything was clear, and I could see out of the window, a few miles down the road, and it was all twenty-twenty vision, even a mile away from me. I could clearly see the house at the end of the street. I could see an old man with white hair around the sides of his head, but the top was completely bald. He was wearing dark glasses, like a blind person. He was looking down at the water hose that had small droplets of water slowly dripping out of the nozzle, like a tap that hasn't been turned off properly. I shook my head, shaken by how perfect my vision was.

 I whirled round, and looked into a huge, old mirror that was as big as the wall it was leaning on. I gasped at what I looked like. My usual faded-blonde hair was now a vibrant blonde, and it looked so nice, so soft, and it was styled perfectly. My pale face had changed from incredibly handsome to incredibly, fantastically, impossibly handsome. My usual piercing blue eyes were now a vibrant, crimson red. My pupils were always naturally small, and that added to the piercing look of them.

 My nose was always wonky from when I broke it once, but now it was perfectly straight, and it looked brilliant. My mouth had changed as well; it was now a deep red compared to my pale skin, but it looked naturally dark. My smile was beautiful too. My cheek bones protruded more than they used to, and I looked...Perfect.

 I could see my muscles concealed under a plain white short-sleeved t shirt. My muscles were huge, and present all over my body. I looked brilliant.

The End

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