Chapter Four

 Millions of red eyes stared at me hungrily. My vision was going, and I was on my own. Everyone was dead. Everyone was dead...

 I was alone, faced with millions of angry, hungry vampires, and I had one weapon. My sword. My sight, always perfect, was failing me now, so I decided my other senses should come in handy. I attacked, clearly outnumbered, and definitely destined to die, but a voice stopped me.

 "Stop!" someone screamed from the crowd of pale faces. It was a woman's voice. She was slowly making her way to the front. She was beautiful. She had long, black hair that was purple at the bottom. It tumbled down to her shoulders. Her face was paper- pale, and her profile the most beautiful thing I'd seen before. She had red eyes framed by thick, long, black eyelashes that cast long dark shadows across her eyes. She was average in height, and she had the perfect figure. She wore the same outfit as all of the other vampires. Just a long, black robe. It clung to her figure, enhancing its perfection. She smiled warmly when she glimpsed me.

 "You're Jay Trotter, aren't you?" she asked politely, still smiling. I scowled at her, but didn't answer. She narrowed her eyes, "Well?" She was obviously getting angry. I nodded,

 "That's correct. Who're you?" Her smile returned,

 "I'm Marie George" My piercing blue eyes widened infinitesimally. She was the Queen of the vampires that had been living in our area. I was in deep shi-

 "I understand that your...Uh...Acquaintance, Ashleigh Harper was killed a short time ago. Am I correct in believing that you want revenge?" she asked, being ever so polite, even though I knew that this politeness was a façade. Politeness with vampires like her was always  a façade. I frowned and nodded. She grinned.

 "Jack!" she called out into the crowd. "Get here now!" Her voice was like someone scraping metal along a plate.

 A young vampire timidly stumbled his way next to Marie. He looked down, embarrassed. Marie slapped him across the back of the head, and he fell at my feet. I frowned, and looked up.

 "Who's he?"

 "He's Jack. He killed Ashleigh." She stated, clearly anticipating my 'revenge' with enjoyment. I looked down at him angrily, and spat on him. he deserved much more, and I planned to give him exactly what he deserved. I kicked him hard in the chest, and he curled up into a ball, screaming with pain and terror. I raised my sword slowly, and brought it down into his leg. He shrieked in pain. I laughed as I slid it out of his flesh, and aimed for the head. I flipped the sword around, holding the blade, and pointing the hilt at Jack's head. I mustered up all of the strength I could, and smashed it down. His head exploded, and then the rest of his body crumbled into cinder and ash. I laughed madly.

 "Well done, Jay." Marie purred quietly, making her way towards me slowly but gracefully. Suddenly she was gone. I frowned, but had no time to do anything further before I felt teeth plunge into my neck.

The End

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