Chapter Three

 I walked out of my tent, and saw that the disgusting vermin were already here, waiting to attack. This only made anger pulse through my veins. I snarled quietly to myself. I walked forward, standing in line with my people.

 "How long have they been here?" I asked my friend, Andrea, quietly. She looked up at me with an apology in her green eyes.

 "Not long," she replied. "Look, Jay I'm so sor-"

 "Don't say sorry. You didn't do anything. It was them!" I said, pointing at the line of disgusting, horrible vermin that were standing in a line, waiting to attack us. I glared at them angrily.

 "When do we attack?" I asked through my teeth.

 "Now, CHARGE!" she screamed, and everyone ran towards the vampires. We outnumbered them in numbers, but not in strength. We put up quite a good fight, but so did they.

The End

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