Chapter Twenty-Four

What did the dream mean? I never really remembered my dreams unless they meant something, so I was wary over this one. Was I going to be married? I rolled my eyes. Of course not. I could never imagine me getting married. So what did the dream mean?

 My thoughts were interrupted by the sound of a letter going through the post. I went to pick it up.

 Dear Mr Hale,

 We recently loaned you some money, and we expect it back within a week. Any later and you shall be punished.


 The end was written using an ink pen. It was a signature, but I couldn't make out whether or not it was a name. I was scared. They were going to kill me, I knew it. I couldn't get two-hundred pounds within a week! I knew it was too good to be true. I hated these...these Loan Sharks!

 I growled. I knew I had to hide, but where. I decided to pack up and run...anywhere.

 Soon, I found myself in the forest.

The End

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