Chapter Twenty-Two

I got back to the flat, and rang David's phone.

 "You're Jay Hale, right?" a voice said. It wasn't David.

 "Um, yes...? Who are you? Where's David?" I inquired. There was a short pause filled with a deafening silence. I knew where David was.

 "Um, Mr Hale...David...He's"

 "He's dead isn't he?" I asked without emotion.

 "I'm afraid so. But we know why you've rung. You need money...How much?" I remembered how much the men said.

 "Two-hundred pounds." I said. I listened closely to the sound of a pen scratching on paper.

 "Okay, the paperwork's done. All you need to do is collect it. We'll meet you at the Green Dragon Pub tomorrow at one o'clock pm sharp." He said. That all sounded okay to me.

 "Okay. Thank you." I said. The line went dead.


* * *


I was standing outside the Green Dragon Pub which was somewhere in Palmers Green. I hadn't been waiting long. I looked at my watch. It would be one o'clock pm in three seconds.

 "Mr Hale?" came the voice of the man on the phone. But he was no where to be seen.

 "Um, yes...?" I said.

 "We are not allowed to show ourselves. But we have alliances in this pub. Go to the bar and say that your here for the Latlar Pick-Up. They'll understand. Farewell, for now, Mr Hale."

 I went in the pub. It was pretty spacious and there weren't many people in there. Most of the tables were placed in little cubicles along the side of the room. It was all very old fashioned in this pub, and nearly everything was made of wood. There were Egyptian statues standing around the place. I walked up to the bar. A woman who was quite young, had big brown eyes and a friendly smile came to me. She was wearing a short sleeved black polo shirt with a picture of an emerald coloured dragon on it. Her dark hair was tied back into a ponytail.

 "Hello? How can I help."

 "I'm here for the, uh, Latlar Pick-Up."

 "Aah. Yes, right here." She said before bending down behind the bar. She came up with a wad of notes. I counted them quickly. Two-hundred pounds exactly.

The End

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