Chapter Twenty-One

"Ugh!" I groaned, trying to raise myself off the ground using just my battered arms. My legs were cut up and bleeding. Un-usable. I crawled to the settee where Jessica had been moments before. I pushed myself up and closed my eyes.

 I'd learnt this trick from someone before I turned into a vampire. My memory of my life before I was turned was fading, but I remembered enough. I breathed in through my nose, held it for two seconds, then breathed out for ten, until I couldn't breathe out any more. Now that I was a vampire, the magic might be stronger and quicker. It was working.

 Soon enough, the only thing left on my ripped jeans were holes and dried blood. I'd healed myself. I got up, jumping around to test it out. I was fine again. The woman didn't count on that. I hated her at the time.

 That's when I set out to look for two things. One: Jessica, and two: vengeance.

 I wandered through the streets of London until I saw a group of vampires gaining on me. Who were they? Were they after me? I turned and bent down, ready for a fight.

 "Relax, Mr Hale. We're not here for a fight. We know what you're looking for. We know how to find Jessica and The Shadow. All you need is us."

 "You mean in blood?" I asked warily. The vampire shook his head.

 "No. Human money." He replied. That's when I realised I had none. I needed money.

 "I'll get you the money by the day after tomorrow." I said. I knew one way of getting money.

The End

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