Chapter Twenty

I looked around before unlocking the door. I opened it, letting Jessica go in before me. The flat that we were staying in was very cheap and uncomfortable, but we didn't need grand or elegant. Just somewhere to sleep.

 Jessica jumped onto a broken, red, leather settee and picked up a glossy-magazine. I walked into the kitchen. I grabbed to bags of blood that I had stolen from the hospital. I threw one at Jessica with such a speed that my arm turned invisible for a second. Jessica didn't even look up from her magazine to catch it. I punctured the bag with my teeth and drank deeply. I felt my eyes burning as they turned white.

 Jessica's eyes glowed then died down to a bright purple colour. When we were finished, I took the empty bag from Jessica, then threw them in the bin.

 "Jess?" I said. She looked up from her magazine.

 "I've realised now that only vampires with powers have different eye colours for when they feed, and sometimes they don't ever really have red eyes," I thought about the woman who smelt delectable," so I want to find out your power." I exclaimed. She frowned.

 "Power? My eyes change colour?" she said. I widened my eyes.

 "You didn't know? Yeah! Your eyes turn purple."

 "Purple's my favourite colour!" she exclaimed with glee. I laughed. Then the mood changed...

  The window smashed on Jessica and me. A woman leapt in. It was the same woman who hypnotised me. She grabbed for Jessica, but I jumped in front of her without thinking. The woman threw her clenched fist at me. I felt cold, hard knuckles collide with my face. It was enough to drown me of my energy. She didn't stop there. Swords appeared in her hands. Then there was darkness... and pain.

 When I woke up, Jessica and the woman were gone...

The End

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