Chapter Nineteen

We walked briskly. I was scared that Jessica might suddenly turn and try to attack someone. Luckily, she seemed in control. I think she was mostly angry at herself. I'd tried to convince her it was in no way her fault, but she obviously didn't listen.

 I smelt the presence of another vampire, but this one didn't smell like other vampires. It was a sweet smell, captivating. Like a mixture of chocolate, honey, vanilla, all mixed together with another unbearable beautiful smell that is hard to explain.

 I looked to the right, and saw that it was the same vampiress that I'd seen running on the rooftops. She was staring at Jessica and me. I blinked, and she was gone, leaving only a ghost of her beautiful smell. I was almost hypnotised.

 "What is that smell? It's...Beautiful!" Jessica exclaimed before taking a deep, long breath through her nose. Her eyes closed for a second and she had to try hard to open them again.

 "I don't know. It's definitely not human; humans aren't as beautiful as that; not in looks or scent. But I don't know what she is. She could be an angel..." I said, smiling. Jessica smirked too.

 "I hope so. I really like angels, and I've always wished they were real." She exclaimed. I nodded, and realised we were already home.

The End

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