Chapter Eighteen

I was still staring at her eyes when a person walked by. Jessica's eyes turned into slits and her mouth twitched. Suddenly, I saw her body twitch and turn as she attempted to get off of her seat and follow the boy through the dance floor. My eyes widened as I grabbed her arm. She shrieked a growl at me, but I just pulled her out of the bar.

 A few girls came out with me, staring at me in wonder. I'd forgotten about how beautiful and compelling vampires were. I frowned and twisted around quickly, still pulling Jessica along. She seemed in control of herself now, and she was letting me pull her along without trying to get away.

 I let her go and she nodded at me.

 "Sorry. I don't know what came over me!" she exclaimed, frowning and looking down at the rain-soaked floor. I smiled.

 "I do. It was thirst. You can't control yourself if you smell the blood of certain people. I was told this. We call them Lungers because they make you lunge at them when they walk by. They have more blood than most people, and it's closer to the skin. Vampires are the only one's who can tell that, because we have better senses than anything science can come up with." I explained. She still seemed unhappy.

 "But I just don't get it! I know I could've stopped myself; I just didn't want to. I thought that it didn't the time."

 "That was the blood talking. Don't worry about it; you didn't do anything wrong-- you didn't really do anything" I assured her. She nodded.

 "Let's go home." She said. I nodded, and we started walking down the dark streets.

The End

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