Chapter Sixteen

 "No!" I said for the fourteenth time. "No, no, no, no, no!" I was getting angry at myself. I had turned a young girl into a vampire. This was horrible. I couldn't bring myself to even glance at the vampire, who was probably in as much pain as I was when I turned. I knew exactly what I wanted then, so I knew exactly what she wanted now.

 I ran with super-speed to grab a homeless person who didn't look very clean. I threw it at the new-born vampire's feet. She stared at the whimpering tramp and the back at me, then back down again. I nodded in encouragement. I didn't want to look at the next part.


 After a while, she had finished, the tramp lying on the floor, pale as me and lifeless. I probably would've been sick If I were a human.

 "Listen," I said, gagging. "We need to get you used to the smell of human blood as soon as possible. I know exactly what you're feeling and what you really need, because I went through this a little while ago. So we need to go somewhere. Tonight." I exclaimed. She nodded. She looked at me with wide eyes. Wide red eyes.


When we went to town that night, it was okay for her to have her eyes on show, because though they were almost glowing, they were unnoticable in the dark. I looked up at the top of the buildings, and saw another vampire running across the roof tops. She had long, thich dark curls that flowed behind her. She had two half swords and a mask on. I couldn't really see the swords; only the shape of them under a large black trench coat that she wore. I frowned then shrugged. I didn't want to get involved with anything like that.

 I grabbed the newborn vampire's hand, and we walked through the town, getting used to the smells which would compell her. I held her back whenever she strained to eat someone who smelt especially nice.

The End

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