How It Happened: Jay Hale

Find out the inside story of what brought Jay to Vampire Mansion, what happened with the Loan Sharks and what happened to his family.

 I laid on my bed, staring up at the pale blue ceiling of the Mansion, only happy thoughts in my no-longer-crowded mind. I'd finally married Asha- the love of my life. She was beautiful, as was the wedding.

 I laid down, smiling happily, thinking about nothing but the wedding...Until my past was brought back into my mind.


 A scream woke me from my deep slumber. I looked up at the top of my home-made tent. What was that? I frowned, listening harder. The blood-curdling screech sounded again. I shot up from the ground, and ran out of my tent.

 My best friend, Ashleigh was lying on the floor, clutching at a huge gash in her neck that was bleeding all over the floor. She was dying. Anger swept through me, and I couldn't see anything apart from red. I screamed and howled angrily, probably waking everyone up.

 Lanterns were lit inside everyone's tent, and people started emerging from them. When they saw Ashleigh's body, their eyes widened. The vampires had struck again.

The End

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