How it all started

How it all started

By: Samuel Veneris


January 2

It is 80 degrees outside and raining. In our little shack we call a home we get together to pray, sing, worship, and eat. The life in Oklahoma is good the roof leaks and the walls rattle, but home is home. My family consist of my mother Martha, my father Daniel, my brother Draven, and me Fernando. Draven is the oldest son at 20 and still living with us, so he needs to get on his feet on the next few months. I am 17 and in high school at UT. It has been hard for me to stay in school because my family needs all the money they can get, that is why I work a job next to school. They keep saying that they are fine and worry about your school work.


March 15

2 months later i stopped my job and started to worry about school. Today I heard that the Yellowstone volcano is starting to smoke and rubble. I don’t think that it will erupt because it has been dormant for ,1000,000 years.


March 30

On the radio I hear that the volcano erupted and is causing mass pollution and deaths. The ash is covering the sun blocking out the sunlight. We all run into the shelter that is our basemant that has all of our old things. Then the surgical masks come out to stop the ash from getting into our lungs. Draven of all people didn’t want to wear it because it itched him, so he didn’t where it.


April 1

Today is April fools, I wish that this would have been an April fools prank. I woke up this morning and Draven Doesn’t come down for breakfast this morning. We all eat and then we call Draven down to the table. Then we hear a thud! We all run up the stairs to see what happened. Then we find the thing were weren’t hoping for, Draven is on the floor either dead or passed out. Draven hasn't moved in five minutes and we did all we could to bring him to conscious but nothing worked. Draven is dead.

April 2

We bury Draven in the back yard and starts to rain not normal rain acid rain.


May 17

I wake up in bed and somber on down to breakfast. Mom is cooking pancakes and Father is doing the dishes. I sit down to eat then I notice that my pancakes are green. Mom tells me that they are fine and there is nothing to worry about. Dad says that they are filled with the acid rain that has been falling polluting the pipelines. I trust Dad and I grab an apple from the fridge and went on with my day.


June 2

I go into town today to see if any stores are open to get food. Nothing was open but there we a lot of people just standing around, doing nothing. I walk up on them and they grunt and snarl and then...they chase me. They look and sound like zombies too so I ran back to our house and find that the hole we dug for Draven was empty. I go inside and ask mom and dad what is happening then the worst thing happens they are sleeping. They have no idea that a zombie outbreak just happened.


June 29

Today I call the pentagon and they say that this has been happening all over the country. Then I asked “will you be able to stop it”. They respond”not without killing everyone on the continent.I rung up and warn Mom and Dad that we need to get out of the country. They respond that we can’t leave the country this is our home. I refuse to fight and go to my room.


September 15

We are one of the last families in this town so we give up all odds of living. Then I get a call from the pentagon that they are able to kill all of the zombies without killing the people.I jump for joy and ask “how long until it is ready”. They respond “now”. I tell them to do it but they still need time to get it hauled to the launch pad. I hang up and wait and wait for a call back.


September 28

The pentagon called back this morning saying that the thing is ready. I scream”Do it”! They respond with “ok”. I run to my parent and tell them the good news that the zombies will be eradicated. Then the floor starts to rumble and  a big long smoke cloud rockets up from the ground. Then the bomb hit the ground and causes all of the zombies to fallover and die right on the spot.


October 1

All of the zombies have died and the humans have taken back over the world and the Yellowstone volcano has stopped erupting and the vegetation is growing back.

The End

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