Chapter 1

This is a story many people can relate to

                  I was three when it happend. All I remember is people yelling. My mom and dad I saw a suitcase by the door it was my moms. She suddenly slammed the front door leaving with the fat suitcase. Im twelve now and she still hasnt showed up. I have heard from her though she is in Fort Worth County Prizon. It is just my dad and I. After my mom left we moved from El Paso Texas to Arizona. I lived in Arizona until I was eleven. My dad got transferd from AZ to Lees Summit MO.  My half sister Krysta is 14. She contacts my mom more than I. A couple of weeks ago i got a text from my sister saying that my mom wasted my adress. So i gave it to her. A couple weeks later  got a letter. It said Hi Angle how are you ? I miss you. How is school. How is your dad. Tell grandma and grandpa I said hi. I threw the letter away. I dont even know why I really even gave her my adress. Iguess i thought she wouldnt really write me a letter . One week later i wrote her back saying i did not expect anything muchless want anything from her. It now is December 8 2012 , ad I dont want anything from her muchless need anything from her. Next year my resalution is to focus on what is really important my dad.

The End

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