Party from HellMature

I closed the bedroom door, leaning against the door I looked at the cracked roof thinking how life will be as soon as escape this hell.

I became more determined to go to the party tonight hoping I find somewhere else's house to crash at.

I pulled out the outfit I wore for nearly every Halloween. It was stone washed denim shorts with a checkers shirt it wash a washed out red and white, a deep red bandanna round my neck and a deep black cowboy hat and cow boy boots, I grabbed my prized possession I opened the box and pulled out the pointed teeth that slipped over two of me teeth. If you haven't guess what I was well I way a cowgirl vampire.

As I bent over to get my back white hot pain seared through my body I gasped ad put my hands on my knees for support. Once I regained my breathe I pulled up my shirt and watched a the bruised began to form. I groaned this was goon to be a pain to cover up.

I opened my bedroom door I heard he football game on the television. I silently crept downstairs to see then intensely watching the game I quickly dashed to the day, silent closed the door and ran as fast as I could.

As I neared the building the party was being held at, I t could the music pumping out the building, the were clusters of people outside side smoking and drinking. I wrinkled my nose in disgust, smoking to me was like giving a child a gun and smiling saying have fun sweetie knowing it was going to kill them.

As I got into the building, the base made the building seem alive, I felt it pulse through my body beckoning me into its seductive clutches calling me into insanity of being lost to the music. As I looked around at the choice of costumes people wore, the girls more resembled workers from a brothel that claim there jobs to be 'exotic dancers'. I smirked to my-self does that mean drugs mean 'exotic medication' but before I could dwell on this new obscure idea. My mind was pulled to reality.

I scanned the room in front of them, too many people crammed into a small space, limbs wrapped around limbs as the swayed to the beat. The potent smell of alcohol was in the air I smirked this was a haven to me. But to others it was a hell.

One guy saunted over to me He put his hand on the wall next to my head, I could smell the alcohol on his breathe “Hey there Bambi” His voice slurred I rolled my eyes at the nickname given to me first year.

“Move aside Brad I'm not in the mood for this crap today” I huffed crossing my arms. His face flashed between hurt and disgused on his face.

“Hey Bambi Daddy not beating manners into these day, or should I just let the whole campus know eh” He growled his face inches from mine. My fear spiked I didn't know how to get away from this situation.

“Brad I eh I'm sorry Ill do whatever you want please don't tell any one about my Dad” I wimpered out He grabbed my are in a iron like grasp I winced in pain.

“That what huh? Your Daddies punching bag, you know that's all you good for you piece of crap” I screamed at me. My feelings were on over drive, pain, hurt, fear and anxiety.

“I'm sorry to disturb, but your hurt the lady, and from I'm from the way your treating her is not acceptable.” Some drawled out. My head shot trying to see who it was but Brads body was in the way.

“Yeah and who's going to stop me punk, you only got to this College and you think you run this place. If I were you I would reconsider who sides your taking if you get what I mean” Bad growled over his shoulder.

Before I could even understand what happened Brad was slammed into the ground and a blonde haired boy was holding him down and was soon flagged by six other people. “It looks Like were are going to stop you and we are taking HER side and don't ever threaten us ok, we have only got here but I am not as Weak as I seem do you Understand” I heard him growled out, his voice was quite, but deadly.

Brad was shaking with fear The Jock type on stepped closer to the blonde “Jasper” the blonde now I remember as jasper glowed at The Jock also know as Emmett “Major, this civilian was disrespectful to the lady we get that but your scaring the fell out of her” I was confused and scared that what they were saying didn't register.

“Major we need to get her to home he is severely hurt not just from him, but for other reasons to she needs to be seen to quickly” I heard a girl speak she reminded me of a pixie.

Jasper stood , he brushed down his pants and walk over to me. “'I'm sorry for my behaviour Ma'am, let me escort you out of here and our some where out Father can see to you” She ushered me out. I didn't think what was going until I was sat in the with total strangers and had no clue on where I was going.  

The End

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