Silence” Barked Mr Barker, he was a small man with an over large stomach that look as if it was trying to escaped being confined of his shirt. His tie neatly round his neck. His beady eyes scanning around the room, daring the students to make a mistake so he could lean down their throats to give them a lecture that would haunt their nightmares.

Today We are studying the the Civil in Texas, now In April 1861, the Civil War officially began in faraway South Carolina, where-” Mr Barker stopped talking as the door swung open with a load creak. Two Boys and a girl walked in the whole room gasped in shock and gawked at them. I rolled my eye and looked away.

One was the typical Jock typed well built short brown hair, the popular girl blonde hair and tall, and then the last I couldn’t give a type, he was tall wavy blonde, but he didn’t look comfortable being here. But I knew instantly this was the famous new family. They had the same pale shade of skin colour and golden eyes. 'must be an American thing' I didn't know them but they annoyed me already.

Well Thank you for joining” Sarcasm seeped through every word Mr Barker spoke. “Take a seat now I have a lecture to give” The Jock type looked annoyed at the teacher and went to sit down. They all sat in the empty seat behind me.

I chuckled to my self, big mistake “Rosamond Clarke if this is so amusing why dont you give me some information on the civil war in Texas date 1861, why it is your birth place” I felt eye on me I rolled my eyes.

Smirking “Why sure The state of Texas declared it separationfrom the United States on February 1, 1861, and joined the Confederate States of America on March 2, 1861, replacing its governor, Sam Houston, when he refused to take an oath of allegiance to the Confederacy. During the subsequent American Civil War, Texas was most useful for supplying soldiers for Confederate forces and in the cavalry. Texas was mainly a "supply state" for the Confederate forces until mid-1863, when the Union capture of the Mississippi River made large movements of men, horses or cattle impossible. I hope is Al'right for ya”

He cleared his throat and loosened his tie “grab your texts books and go to Page 184 NOW” He barked

the lesson seem to pass easily, the was the odd snickering from tables, notes passing around but that was normal.

The day went by swiftly, I had no more encounters with the strange family, I over heard they were called Bella, Edward, Alice, Will, Rosalie, Emmett and Jasper in that order they were couples apart from jasper. Weird right?

In school I kept to my-self I knew a few people but I mainly spent my time in the library studying to make sure I could get a scholarship for university. I didn't care what to study just anything to get away from home. My mind ept wondering back to that Boy Jasper, I recognised him but I didn’t know why, maybe he was from my child hood. I shacked my head, he couldn’t be he was from America not England or Texas.

Even I tried to shake the thought away there was a nagging in the back of my head that I had seen him before. On the way out a bunch of people were handing flyers out.

Don’t forget its out Halloween party, were hoping to be the best one this year” this is what they were squealing out, I rolled my eyes party’s were not my thing but anything was better than home.

I walked home peacefully preparing my-self for what horror I may face when I got home. As I put the key in the door. It was yanked open. And there stood my farther, his hair lay limp and greasy on his head. His skin pale and draught on his face, his teeth yellowing and the stench of alcohol and sweat oozed off him. His wife beater filthy and jeans had seen better days.

He grabbed my hair and dragged me into the house, I lost my footing, my stomach lurched as I fell to the ground impact took my breathe away, pains soared through my body. I will my self to cry and give him the satisfaction.

So you Finally come”His was ruff from smoking for years, “We told you to give up education already and yet here you are, you are a burden get out of my site now” He growled and to make his point clear he gave a swift kick in my side. When he staggered by to the living area and pulled my-self and and ran swiftly to the haven of my room. 

The End

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