How I met the majorMature

Fan fiction on twilight,
The major and the cullens move to England to Kay low after turning Bella, Alice finds her true mate leaving Jasper confused. He decides to lay low, until a certain human needs his help.
Can he fight his instinct of solitude to help her, or will he be the reason she meets her fate, her Deathe

 Who ever thought ones life can turned upside down because of the meeting of some other person. But he wasn't just any body it was him, the one who can strike fear into every beating heart. He can  you make so paranoid, that you check the locks ten times in an hour, but that wouldn't stop him.

 So this is my story, this is how we met and how he saved me from hell I called a life. Even though he was feared by many, he saved me, my saviour in pale skin.

 The sun was hidden behind a net of clouds holding her hostage away from the world for it's own pleasure.

 I stared at my reflextion in the mirror hoping if I did this long I would change into some one else, someone that no-one knew so I could blend in and not be seen. I wanted to hide away from the world but I couldn't, no I had to many things to take care of. I grabbed the brush trying to pull it through the unruly mess that was meant to be my hair. I sighed once the mission completed, I pulled in my clean clothes consited of red jeans and a black band t shirt and black leather jacket.

 I slowly sneaked out of my room hoping, and praying to an unseen God that my parents wouldn't wake up from their drugged up coma state, if they did I was done for. I grabbed my bag from under the coat rack and slipped out my house and quitely closed the door. I sighed mission complete.

I enjoyed my solitude, walking to school was peaceful and silent, no-one really walked at this time for school, no college students normally rock on up at the last minute making silly excuses that the teachers don't do anything about cause it just meant more paper on the behalf.

Yet when I got to the building life was buzzing with new gossip, and today it was about the strange family who had just moved to the area. even though we arnt the biggest town, but were not the smallest. New information was like a fire in a dry dessert contagious and would spread with only a spark.

 College was a place I despised the most, a place for hormonal teenagers came to be educated, a stepping stone to leap into the pond that is adult hood. Well that's what it is meant to be. In reality its a place where the come to pretend they are top dogs, that actually the whole world is shaped around them. 

Today's gossip was about a family who has recently moved here from America, I was confused at why come here from such an amazing country, there isn't a day that goes by that I don't wish i wasn't back in Texas.

 But back to the point the we're a family, with all adoptive children, I felt a hint of jealousy towards the kids. They had a clean break away from their past. But mine had its claws deep in me. The warning bell rang , letting us known first lesson beginning. First lesson; history.

The End

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