How I met the majorMature

Fan fiction on twilight,
The major and the cullens move to England to Kay low after turning Bella, Alice finds her true mate leaving Jasper confused. He decides to lay low, until a certain human needs his help.

Can he fight his instinct of solitude to help her, or will he be the reason she meets her fate, her Deathe

I own nothing o the twilight series just a Humble writer.

Who ever thought ones life can turned upside down because of the meeting of some other person. But he wasn't just any body it was him, the one who can strike fear into every beating heart. He can make so paranoid you check the locks ten times in an hour, but that wouldn't stop him. So this is my story, this is how we met and how he saved me from hell I called a life. Even though he was feared by many, he saved me
The End

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