Rushing to Work

After quickly showering and getting dressed, I rushed out to the car...and stopped in my tracks, as I remembered that I'd left it at the garage the night before to have some work done. Luckily there was a bus stop right by my house. I walked quickly to it in case a bus came. A little old woman wearing a blue dress, green coat and a purple headscarf was also waiting there. In her hand she carried a basket. I could see she had her purse and a TV listings magazine in there. As she noticed me peering into her basket I quickly looked away. When I looked back in her direction, she was still looking at me. She came right up to me and narrowed her eyes. "You are Kate." she said.

"Y..Yeah, how'd you know that?" I said. I didn' t think I knew her.

"Never mind, there are more important things I have to tell you, and I do not have much time" she said, lowering her voice. "Listen carefully. I saw you in my dream last night. You were in danger. You musn't change the future! Watch where you step.."

And with that, she went back to her original position in the queue. I had no idea what she was talking about! Must be cracked. Silly old bat. Luckily, a bus into town came pretty soon after that. Once I'd bought my ticket, I sat well away from the old woman. I took my mobile out of my bag and dialled work's number.

"AC1 Mortgage Solutions, Sarah speaking, how can I help?" a cheerful voice at the other end said. "Oh hi Sarah, Its Kate. Kate Ollaway? I'm running late. I'm on the bus now but it's going to be about half an hour before I get into work. Can you tell Peter I'm sorry, and...erm... I'll make it up tonight or something? Thanks."

"Yeah, sure Kate. He seems in a good mood today, so he might let you off."

"Fat chance! Oh, I'd better go, tunnel up ahead! Byeeee!" I said and hung up before I got cut off. The tunnel we were about to enter is a mile long. As all traces of daylight inched away from the bus, I stared into the darkness.

Suddenly, with a jolt, the bus came to a standstill and we were plunged into total darkness as the power cut out.

The End

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