How I met myself

I woke suddenly to the shrill ringing of my alarm clock, switched it off and turned back over in bed. I felt so tired, surely it wasn't 7:30 yet? I thought to myself that I'd have 10 more minutes. I felt so warm and cosy all wrapped up in my duvet. I wished I didn't have to go to work, sit in a boring office all day. I imagined myself falling asleep at my desk, drooling on the keyboard, and laughed quietly to myself.

I lay there for a few minutes longer, staring at the small cracks in the ceiling. I wondered, if I stared for long enough, that I would be able to witness more cracks forming. I gave up on the idea when my eyes started to hurt. I closed them for just a few minutes......

I woke with a start, hearing a crash outside in the street. I opened the curtains and saw the bin men emptying my rubbish bin into a big red truck. As a feeling of horror came over me, I looked at the clock next to my bed, not really wanting to see what the display read. 10:45!!!! I couldn't believe I had overslept!!

The End

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