Chapter III


School.   Like I said, a new one which means a new environment to adjust to.

I wasn’t familiar to the campus, so I needed to stick my head to the campus map and look for the class I was assigned to. Quite a task to do. I was a no good when it comes to navigation and places. But I’m not exactly a dim-wit. I’m an ordinary guy, nothing so special.

“Looks like you’re having trouble there!” I screamed and jumped. It was a guy, a student.

"Did I startle you?"He said, slowly putting his hand on my shoulder. "No, not at all." I smiled. He had that remarkable glow in his face and his smile, no matter how little, is charming. "Quite actually but I'm fine." I tried to break the silence and it did work, and we both laughed.

"And your name is?"

"Travis. Travis Archfield. You?"

"Julius Collins.

The End

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