Chapter II


I'm a new student in this school. Friendless and everyone around me are strangers to me and I know that I am going to have a hard time adjusting to this new environment.

We transferred because my mother got divorced with obviously, my dad for some reasons that they won't explain. Telling me that I will eventually understand the situation from time to time. It was obvious that they found me immature for my age and that I 'find life too easy' just like what they say.

No, life wasn't easy for me. It was difficult actually. I just didn't have the guts to tell anyone for I always felt like I'm alone, like I'm nothing in this planet. Darkness, that is what I see and aside from that I can't see anything. Not even a small speck of light in my life.

I didn't really hope on having friends with my old school. Kids from those schools are carefree. Their life seemed to be so easy, like they can handle things and I just ain't like them. Why me? I would usually ask myself. Why can't I be like him? Why can't I just be him?

I admit, it hurts being alone. Having no one for you through your life? It really hurts. And I know in this new world I'm going into, nothing will change.

But someone proved me wrong.

The End

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